Weekly Craving Boxes

More Than Just Sprinkles

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Weekly Craving Boxes
Weekly Craving Boxes
NO SALE THIS WEEK DUE TO TRAVEL.  Next date for orders is Monday, Oct 10th. Thank you!
Do you have a craving for vanilla bean sugar cookies, but don't have an event to order them for?
Every Monday at 7pm, I will offer a limited quantity of boxes to order, and they will be available for pickup that coming Friday morning. (LOCAL PICKUP ONLY, I CANNOT SHIP)  They will be in sets of 6 and will either be iced, or icing in a bag on the side.  
Disclaimer: NO you can't personalize them.  NO you can't choose the shape.  NO you can't choose the icing color.  These are NOT a custom order so please know that you will be receiving a snack box of 6 plain cookies.  
PS - Heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds, then dip in coffee or hot chocolate... you'll thank me later.
IF they sell out, you will have to wait until the next Monday to order again.